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If you are just starting out your dropship journey you might have some questions about the process. We have answered the most frequently asked questions here. If you still have questions in mind, do not hesitate to connect with us via our contact form or simply chat with us.

Can I upload more products to my store?

Yes. There’s no limit on how many products you can upload to your store.

Can people who live outside of the USA dropship CBD?

This is one of the most common questions we have received. As you know, CBD has its own “unique” laws and cannot be shipped internationally. In order to run a CBD dropship store in the USA market you have to be able to open up a business bank account from a bank in the USA. This requires you either have a SSN/EIN or ITIN and an address in the USA. Without a business bank account you can’t apply for a payment processor thus you can’t get payments from your customers.

What are the products and their profit margins?

You can see the profit margins and products here. You can also check out our demo store to get the best idea about what proucts your store will come with.

Will I have to upload the products manually?

No, your website will come preloaded with the dropship ready products.

Can I make changes on the design?

Yes. Your store will be either a fully customizable WordPress site or a Shopify site depending on which package you chose so you can edit pages and change the design as you wish. We can also help you with the design changes.

Can I install the site I bought here under a different domain in the future?

Yes you can use the site under any domain you have.

Can I add more suppliers & products to my website?

Absolutely! There’s no limit on the products you can sell on your website. We can also help you add your products.

I don’t have hosting, can you help me with that?

WordPress sites require webhosting in order to have the site on your servers. We recommend Hostgator to our clients. You can sign up to Hostgator webhosting for as low as $3.95/mo and it includes a FREE domain name. Sign up now!

Shopify sites are hosted on Shopify’s servers so the $29/mo Shopify fee includes webhosting.

Can you create emails such as [email protected]?

If you purchased a WordPress store, we can create emails with your domain for free. If you purchased a Shopify store, you’d have to sign up with an email host such as in order to create emails with your domain name.

How can I advertise my CBD dropship website?

The auto-blogging* feature will bring organic traffic to the website; this is an effort-free method but this is not completely enough for sales flow.. To learn about how to really advertise your website, head over to our Marketing CBD Online page.

*Your WordPress website comes with a premium plugin that curates content about the keywords you set up (we use cbd related content from YouTube) from various sources such as YouTube, site feeds and article websites and then automatically shares these posts on your website’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. You don’t need to spend too much time for social media management, this plugin does this for you. This is a great way to attract mostly social traffic but also it helps you rank on search engines. (For WordPress websites only)

Will you provide support?

Absolutely. We will make sure the site runs smoothly under your ownership. You can always contact us from our contact page or simply chat us.

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